The Ethos Bar

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The ‘Economy’ Multi-Purpose Bar

Hands-down the best-value bar on the market. The Ethos Bar was named for the Warrior Ethos. It is mission-ready, never accepts defeat, never quits, and should never be left behind. It is a great bar for any Warrior.




The Ethos bar is made with the same high-quality patented American steel and bronze bushings you get in the Valor Bar, but by modifying the interior sleeve design and knurl marks, we’ve identified efficiencies in machining and assembly which saves you greenbacks.

Unlike most Economy Bars you will find on the market with a cRoll-Pin sleeve construction – we still provide you with double bronze bushings with a single snap-ring design to ensure you still get that great balance of toughness, whip and rigidity. This bar has your six.

The Ethos bar comes in a Bright Zinc and Bright Zinc sleeves. The bar features Olympic knurl marks for Olympic lifts. All Ethos Bar’s come with a 1 year warranty.



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