Cadet Bar

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The Valor Junior – For Beginners to Learn Technique

The 10kg, 25mm Cadet Bar is the perfect choice for beginner’s looking to begin technique training and scaling up to bigger Olympic lifts. Perfect for any age or sex.




It is designed and manufactured with the same quality and precision as our best-selling Valor Bar. A high-tensile strength shaft, bronze bushings, with dual knurl marks for both Olympic and powerlifting, and no center knurling. The bar shaft is a competition standard 52 & 3/16th inch, allowing you to rack your weight as you always would (or will). However, we’ve shortened the sleeves to reduce the overall weight. This allows you to train as you would with a standard bar when you become ready! We always preach Train As You Operate and the Cadet bar is no different.

The Cadet Bar will help children and young adults to start their Olympic, power or general weight training and hone their technique from the beginning. And will deliver the high-quality durability and spin you will expect to see when you jump up to a full-sized Valor bar!



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