The Reaper

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Our Military-inspired Valor Bar

The Reaper Bar is bold and nimble. It let’s you harvest your gains while killing your work-out. Identical to our best-selling Valor Bar, the Reaper Bar is 100% American-made, uses quality double-snap-ring construction, bronze bushings, and 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel for the perfect balance of toughness, whip and rigidity.



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The Reaper bar comes with a unique Olive Drab zinc shaft and Black Zinc sleeves. You can expect the same chalky grip you feel with all our Black Zinc bars. The bar features dual knurl marks for Olympic and Power lifts.

You better believe anyone that sees it (if they can) will want for themselves. It is guaranteed for life against bending and breaking. However unfortunate, we cannot guarantee it against theft (*looking at all of you on deployments).

*DISCLAIMER: Some minor blemishes in the protective coating may occur, as the process is setup for military plating.




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