Our Mission is to keep you Mission-Fit.

Inspired by deployments without gyms and a ‘No Excuses’ mentality, we started MoBell Muscle.

We are here to serve you and your needs for top-of-the-line, American-made Gym Equipment and Training Programs. Whether you are at-home, on-the-road, or in the gym. We Got Your Six.

Travel Light. Lift Heavy. Move Weight.

Our Mission is to keep you Mission-Fit. Anywhere. Anytime.

We design and develop best-in-class weight-training equipment and training programs for all tactical athletes. For the past 40 years, our family has provided top-of-the-line barbells, bumper plates, training bags, rigs, etc. to serve your needs. Proudly Made in the USA.

MoBell Muscle’s specialty is our portable MoBell Gear that gives you the ability to effectively train anywhere. It’s what we like to call, Fitness Freedom.

Have an obstacle preventing you from Training? Call us. Nothing jacks us up more than co-creating innovative training equipment and workout programs to keep you operationally-ready for the Mission and for Life.


100% Made in America
Sourced, Designed, Made


5% of Profits To Charity
To Military & First Responders


Premium Quality
Built to Last


Veteran Owned / Operated
Designed By Us, For Us


We Hire Veterans!
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Inspired by our Nation’s Heroes, a group of veterans and athletes joined forces to provide weight-training equipment and training programs you can use anytime, anywhere. Former Special Forces members, warfighters, combat athletes, D-1 athletes, MMA Fighters, Blackbelts, Cross-Fitters, and Power Lifters. We understand and strive to fulfill the needs of all tactical athletes.

We pair that passion with 40+ years of American manufacturing expertise in barbells, textiles, and cases. If we don’t make it, one of our American partners do. We’ve teamed up with other Veteran-owned or 1st-Responder-owned companies to fill in the pieces both in equipment, special programming, and apparel.

100% of our gear is sourced in America, made in America, and creating jobs in America. No compromises.

Want to know more – give us a ring.

We got you covered if you are training on-the-go, building up your garage gym or opening up a new box. Whether your mission is achieving your own personal fitness goals or is as heroic as protecting our Country’s freedoms, we give you an arsenal of gear and training programs.

Training on the Go? Born out of necessity, the MoBell Muscle Kit was designed to replicate the gym environment so you can continue YOUR training program – whether it is Olympic-lifting, Power-lifting, Cross-Fitting or pumping those glory muscles. Don’t have a program? Then Move Weight with Us and our specially-developed Training Programs tailored for the MoBell Muscle Kit.

Training at home or at the gym? We got the gear you need and SOF-developed Training Programs for you to get the most out of your workout.

Maintaining fitness is essential in a combat environment. A common term used to define exercise in my community is, “work hard-don’t die.” Fitness is imperative to the military. The equipment is the first I have ever seen that gives us the opportunity to maintain a high level of fitness in the field.

– Active MARSOC Member

Great addition to our cross-fit gym and weekly WODs in the park. Before, we had to do mostly bodyweight stuff or by bringing kettlebells or anything else we could transport easily. Bringing a barbell was always out of the question, but now, we have the ability to do our standard WODs anywhere.

– Cross-Fit Gym Owner

My unit and I used the gear daily for two months while deployed to an isolated location. It was great to have gear we could travel with, fit in our humvee, and continue our training programs we had stateside. All the gear held great to the elements.

– Active Army SOF Member

Love the amount of exercises that I can do with the Tactical Bags. We have been using them for rucks on hikes, for squats, for slams balls and wrapped around a barbell. Totally surprised how well the bags worked as weight-plates. Smooth rotation and no swinging when doing cleans or snatches.

-Retired Army Ranger