MoBell Gear

Check out our specially-designed patented portable gear below. This is our bread and butter and the reason we started MoBell Muscle. Our MoBell gear provides you the ability to Move Weight Anytime, Anywhere. Sleep soundly knowing you will never miss a workout when traveling again.

  • Tactical Gym Box


    The BeaverFit Gym Box is the most portable and versatile product in the Performance Equipment line, enabling multi-modality training in confined spaces and expeditionary environments.  It can be assembled in less than 5 minutes with no tools, and is the perfect deployable solution for tactical users, portable training station for trainers, and garage gym for home users.  The Gym Box is designed to transport via SUV, truck or tactical vehicle to any desired training location.

    The Gym Box is available in 3 configurations (Single Rack, Dual Rack and Extended), with either a “Light” or “Heavy” equipment package.  Click below to transform your garage, helicopter hanger, conference room, firing range or local park into a world class multi-modality training space.

  • MoBell Muscle Kit


    The MoBell Muscle Kit is the first truly portable Olympic weight-training and functional fitness kit for multiple users. It provides the benefits of functional fitness training in a highly transportable format. The MM Kit is a gym as mobile as you are. It can be carried and set-up in 10 minutes by one person and train 4-6 operators for full-body workouts at the same time.

    Designed and tested in the harshest environments and proudly built in the US of A. Every piece of equipment was designed for modularity, durability, and portability.

  • MoBell Bar


    The MoBell Bar

    Introducing the one and only mobile barbell, the MoBell Bar. This bar assembles three ways: a standard full-length bar, a curl-bar, and broken down so you never have to leave home without it. Breaks down and is STILL stronger than most bars you use at your big-box gym.


  • Tactical Bags


    We knew that transporting a full set of weight plates as part of the MoBell Muscle Kit was out of the question, so we set out to find the integral component to our light-weight portable solution. We developed the First and Only fitness bags created to be used individually or as weights on a bar. They replicate the feel of standard bumper plates – both in weight and in rotation

    But we didn’t stop there… Each Tactical Bag has multiple handle positions so it can be used independently from the bar for various bag training exercises. From curls to squats to Bulgarian carries, these versatile bags open you up to a world of workout options.

  • MoBell Sand Filler Bags


    The MoBell Muscle Kit was designed with workout customization and iterative weight needs in mind. We developed a filler bag system that allows you to achieve optimal weights for your varied lifts and exercises.