The Raider Power Bar

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The Elite Power Lifting Bar

Named after Camp Raider in the Tikrit District (FOB Dagger).

This top-of-the-line Power Bar was built for the big lifts. With aggressive meaty knurling and a coarse center knurl, this 20kg bar helps prevent slipping during the heaviest of lifts. Which is how we love to Move Weight – Lift Heavy!

Ideal for squat, bench and deadlift, the Raider Power bar features a 29mm diameter and double-bronze bushings to provide greater rigidity, smooth spin and reduced whip. It comes with a lifetime guarantee against bending. And as long as you are mentally tough as it is strong, the Raider Power Bar promises you a life of PR’s.




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These single Powerlifting knurl marked bars come with Bright Zinc sleeves and either Black Zinc or Bright Zinc shaft coating with tailored-designed end caps. If you are reaching for that new PR and training to crush the next competition, the Raider Power Bar is your obvious choice.


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