MoBell Sand Filler Bags

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The MoBell Muscle Kit was designed with workout customization and iterative weight needs in mind. We developed a filler bag system that allows you to achieve optimal weights for your varied lifts and exercises.




Our 5, 10, and 15 pound filler bags are inserted into the chambers of the tactical weight bag to replicate the common experience of exchanging and increasing plate weights at a gym. Additionally, these fillers can be use on their own. For light dumbbell work, you can utilize the fillers independently – making use of the handles located on the backs of the 10 and 15 pound bags or for grip workouts without the handles.

*We recommend using fine-granule, dry sand. Use of other materials may achieve weights different than those listed on filler bags. The max weight of each filler bag is dependent on the density of the material.  We have a dual closure systems to prevent sand or other material from leaking out.



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