• Tactical Bags


    We knew that transporting a full set of weight plates as part of the MoBell Muscle Kit was out of the question, so we set out to find the integral component to our light-weight portable solution. We developed the First and Only fitness bags created to be used individually or as weights on a bar. They replicate the feel of standard bumper plates – both in weight and in rotation

    But we didn’t stop there… Each Tactical Bag has multiple handle positions so it can be used independently from the bar for various bag training exercises. From curls to squats to Bulgarian carries, these versatile bags open you up to a world of workout options.

  • MoBell Sand Filler Bags


    The MoBell Muscle Kit was designed with workout customization and iterative weight needs in mind. We developed a filler bag system that allows you to achieve optimal weights for your varied lifts and exercises.