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The MoBell Bar

Introducing the one and only mobile barbell, the MoBell Bar. This bar assembles three ways: a standard full-length bar, a curl-bar, and broken down so you never have to leave home without it. Breaks down and is STILL stronger than most bars you use at your big-box gym.





The MoBell — A Mobile Barbell Solution:

MoBell Muscle has developed a state of the art, Olympic barbell that provides weight-training in an easily transportable system. This versatile, mobile barbell (‘MoBell’) can be broken down into three sections for easy transport, but is quickly and conveniently assembled as a standard 87.5” barbell or a 57.5” inch flat curl bar. The bar is manufactured out of high-quality American steel and has been scientifically engineered to support up to 700 pounds of weight. Fully equipped with top-of-the-line dual bronze bushing technology for sleeve rotation and coated in zinc-nickel + trivalent chromate for rust prevention, we guarantee the MoBell barbell is perfect to bring wherever you are working out – anywhere, anytime.


The MoBell Bar is unique because it can be broken into 3 sections for easy transportability without compromising the functionality, stability, or balance of the bar when assembled. This feature sets our product apart from any other barbell on the market today. Not only does this feature make it transportable, but it also allows the equipment to also be used as a curl bar, which considerably increases the range and diversity of workouts available when you are traveling with a MoBell bar. The bar sleeves are designed to accommodate traditional 2” weight plates, bumper plates, and MoBell’s specially designed Tactical Bags when you need to keep light-weight portability in mind. The patent-pending bar is designed for use in standard and dynamic lifts. Additionally, we added grooves to our collars so you can add more weight to the bar however you want whether it is with our Tactical Bags, Chains, or resistance bands.

Designed and Built for Austere Environments:

The MoBell can be used in any gym or home, but was specially designed to withstand the elements. We coat our bars with a new formula unused on any bars in the market. A Zinc-Nickel + trivalent chromate protection for superior rust prevention during deployments with increased humidity and sun exposure . Additionally, we axially mounted custom V-seals on the bar shaft to prevent dirt, dust, and sand from entering sleeve assemblies and bushings. See here for Maintenance advice.


When it comes to weight training, we know the importance of a strong bar. This is why we set out to make a bar that can withstand even the toughest weight-training regimens – from Powerlifting and Olympic Lifts, to high-rep CrossFit training. Made from high-quality American steel with a tensile strength of over 170,000 PSI, this barbell embodies strength and toughness. Bronze bushings and heavy-duty stainless steel snap rings provide added durability and strength to the sleeve assemblies. The ONLY time this bar will be in pieces is during transport.


Creating a modular barbell is a task that has taken major planning, designing and engineering. Our bars are produced with precision engineering and each undergoes rigorous quality control testing prior to sale. With a meticulously crafted knurl pattern, this bar is not only durable, but comfortable for a wide variety of lifts. Our engineers ran stress tests to optimize the best steel, threading, thread lengths, locations for section breaks, and ease of assembly. Precision engineered and manufactured for long lasting performance.



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