MoBell Muscle is a leading developer of top-quality American-made weightlifting bars. Our family has been making barbells for over 40 years. We’ve designed and made bars for some of the biggest brands out there (think companies that rhyme with ‘Vogue’ and ‘Mendlay”). Now, along with our patent-pending MoBell Bar, we are offering them all directly to you. Ranging from Olympic weightlifting bars, Powerlifting bars, multi-use Functional training bars to ladies bars, juniors bars, technique bars, and more. 100% of our bars are sourced in America, made in America, and creating jobs in America. 

While our bars are All-American, in honor of our deployed military, we’ve named our bars after US Military Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) or Deployed Outposts. Each name represents the strength of bars as well as the strength of men and women fighting for our Freedom.

Choose any option below to learn more about our barbells – including specs, applications, customer reviews, and ordering information. Or contact us with any questions. 

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Our Power Lifting bars offer a stiffer, more solid bar for heavy weight lifting. With little bar oscillation during the squat, bench, and deadlift, our power lifting bars can help any lifter reach their power lifting goals.

  • The Raider Power Bar


    The Elite Power Lifting Bar

    Named after Camp Raider in the Tikrit District (FOB Dagger).

    This top-of-the-line Power Bar was built for the big lifts. With aggressive meaty knurling and a coarse center knurl, this 20kg bar helps prevent slipping during the heaviest of lifts. Which is how we love to Move Weight – Lift Heavy!

    Ideal for squat, bench and deadlift, the Raider Power bar features a 29mm diameter and double-bronze bushings to provide greater rigidity, smooth spin and reduced whip. It comes with a lifetime guarantee against bending. And as long as you are mentally tough as it is strong, the Raider Power Bar promises you a life of PR’s.


  • Liberty City Power Bar


    A Power Lifting Bar Among Powerlifting Bars

    Named after Camp Liberty inside the Victory Base Complex (VBC) near Baghdad.

    The Liberty City Power Bar was designed for all you Powerlifters out there ready to liberate your PRs. A high-tensile strength steel shaft and double bronze bushing sleeve construction results in a little to no flex or whip – making it a go-to Power bar for your favorite lifts – the squat, deadlift and bench.

  • Cobra Power Bar


    The Economical Power Lifting Bar

    Named closed to our hearts, Camp Cobra is located in Oruzgan Province in Afghanistan where we were stationed.

    Cobra (as we like to call it) was designed for all you Powerlifters out there ready to work on your Cobra Pose at an affordable price.  With an economical design that meets powerlifting specifications, this 20kg power lifting bar has been used in numerous competitions, including national and world champion events.