The Valor Bar

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The Toughest Multi-Purpose Bar Designed For Olympic and Power Lifting

We named our best-selling, all-around bar ‘The Valor Bar’ for good reason. It represents Honor, Dignity, and Boldness. It embodies the bravery, courage, and strength of our Nation’s Heroes to rise above. And the Valor Bar lives up to its name.




Built with the high-quality, patented American steel, this bar was constructed to be handled by the strongest, most aggressive lifters out there. Double bronze bushings paired with our precision engineering, you can be sure the Valor Bar will give you the whip and smooth rotations you crave with every lift and sleep soundly knowing it will handle thousands of heavy-weight impacts. Guaranteed for life against bending and breaking.

These bars are available with Black Zinc and Bright Zinc shafts with Bright Zinc sleeves (custom black sleeves are available upon request). With dual-knurl marking, this is the multi-purpose bar you’ve been looking for – perfect for both Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting. It is a must-have in any serious lifter’s gym.



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