The Bunker Bar

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The Beater Bar for Durability, Affordability and Brute Force Training

This is our most affordable bar with proven effectiveness and reliability. Built and designed to handle heavy, high-rep workloads to help lifters meet and exceed their weightlifting goals and prepare for Olympic competitions – while not breaking the bank.




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The Bunker Bar is a great foundation bar – it will give you a strong start. This budget-friendly 20kg bar is made with a 31mm American-steel shaft and with a roll-pin sleeve construction (i.e., the reason you don’t see an end-cap).

With single Olympic knurl marks and Black or Bright Zinc shaft, the Bunker Bar gives you a strong, sturdy bar to achieve greatness. It is tough enough for any austere bunker and affordable enough to outfit all of them. It comes with a 1 year warranty.




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