The Pacemaker

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A 15lb Aluminum Technique Bar

Named after Camp Pacemaker, part of LSA Bushmaster near Najaf.

Made from aluminum and ideal for high-rep workouts, the Pacemaker Bar works perfectly in high-rep training and for those seeking to master their technique. It will set the pace of your progression forward. With Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks (hand spacing), this multipurpose bar can be used for a variety of workouts.

This 1 1/8” diameter bar with a 10” sleeve is durable enough for high rep endurance training by lifters who are eager to improve and progress to heavier weightlifting bars. It is built with the same distance between collars or standard bars to ensure you practice proper grip position and so you always Train as You Operate.

The Pacemaker Bar’s is proven quality and performance mark is must-have bar for beginners, trainers and any gym. It comes with a 1 year Warranty.