The Adventure Program

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The Adventure Program is based on the fact that your work and play schedule doesn’t always line up perfectly with your gym schedule. Sometimes that 3 hour surf session or 10 mile ride on a mountain bike becomes your workout for the day. This 12 week program takes that into account. You don’t have to be in SOF to do this program, it’s just what inspired this crazy life we live.


They say the iron doesn’t lie.  They speak truth. But what the iron doesn’t do is tell the whole story. For most of us, the iron isn’t the be-all and end-all. We’re pounding the trail, shifting gears, swimming, surfing, twisting the throttle, climbing, and more. All of this is done in the name of experiencing everything life has to offer.


If you’re active outside the gym, or coming into a competitive season, The Adventure Program is a great way to work your play time right into your workout schedule. You’ll need to be honest and disciplined to complete this program. You fit the workouts into your active schedule, and do the lifts and metcon work on the days you feel that those workouts fit your body state based on your activity load. Like everything in life, what you get out of this program will be a direct reflection of what you put in.

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