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This is a 90 day PDF program. Downloadable after checkout. SOF selection of any kind is no joke; if you are even thinking about SOF you must train physically and mentally for the life you may lead and you need to be training hard and smart as early as possible. The SOFlete Selection Preparation Guide offered here isn’t intended to take you from being babyshit soft to a hard dick barrel chested freedom fighter in twelve weeks, it’s designed to build you up, sustain you, and prevent injury as showing up to SOF selection with a pre-existing injury is akin to being allergic to success.

The SOFlete Selection Preparation Guide won’t train you to run the world’s fastest 5k and it won’t help you achieve a record setting deadlift – what it does is prepare you for the rigors of the SOF selection process.


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The SOFlete Selection Preparation Guide’s twelve week progression begins with benchmarks to measure performance, these include metrics for general fitness as well as hard-gate metrics consistent with multiple selection processes throughout the US Military’s Special Operations Community. Our program builds gradually based on those numbers and will re-test before the program ends. The end of this program is designed to taper you off in order to let you rest and most importantly, to remedy any minor bumps and bruises before your formal selection begins.

Selection is a thinking man’s game, and the SOFlete Selection Preparation Guide allows you to begin the game while maintaining control of your surroundings for as long as possible.


A. Warmup

10m Walking high knees

10m Walking lunge with twist

10m Reverse lunge with reach

10m Walking toe touches

B. Strength

Bench press 5 sets of 3 reps @85% of 1 rep max

C. Conditioning

6mi ruck walk

D. Cool down

400m Jog

E. Stretch

5 reps per side @15 seconds pidgeon pose

5 reps @15sec on/15sec off cobra pose

3 reps per side @15 seconds seated hamstring stretch

45sec butterfly stretch


Programming Note: If you are injured or sustain injury during prep, it is advised to throttle back until you fully heal


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