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  • The Ethos Bar


    The ‘Economy’ Multi-Purpose Bar

    Hands-down the best-value bar on the market. The Ethos Bar was named for the Warrior Ethos. It is mission-ready, never accepts defeat, never quits, and should never be left behind. It is a great bar for any Warrior.


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  • Lady Valor


    The Toughest Ladies Multi-Purpose Bar

    Lady Valor is our go-to multipurpose 15KG barbell for female athletes. We named our best-selling, all-around bar women’s bar ‘Lady Valor’ for good reason. It represents Honor, Dignity, and Boldness. It embodies the bravery, courage, and strength of our Nation’s Heroes to rise above. And the Valor Bar lives up to its name.


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  • MoBell Bar


    The MoBell Bar

    Introducing the one and only mobile barbell, the MoBell Bar. This bar assembles three ways: a standard full-length bar, a curl-bar, and broken down so you never have to leave home without it. Breaks down and is STILL stronger than most bars you use at your big-box gym.


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  • The Reaper


    Our Military-inspired Valor Bar

    The Reaper Bar is bold and nimble. It let’s you harvest your gains while killing your work-out. Identical to our best-selling Valor Bar, the Reaper Bar is 100% American-made, uses quality double-snap-ring construction, bronze bushings, and 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel for the perfect balance of toughness, whip and rigidity.


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  • The Bunker Bar


    The Beater Bar for Durability, Affordability and Brute Force Training

    This is our most affordable bar with proven effectiveness and reliability. Built and designed to handle heavy, high-rep workloads to help lifters meet and exceed their weightlifting goals and prepare for Olympic competitions – while not breaking the bank.


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  • The Raider Power Bar


    The Elite Power Lifting Bar

    Named after Camp Raider in the Tikrit District (FOB Dagger).

    This top-of-the-line Power Bar was built for the big lifts. With aggressive meaty knurling and a coarse center knurl, this 20kg bar helps prevent slipping during the heaviest of lifts. Which is how we love to Move Weight – Lift Heavy!

    Ideal for squat, bench and deadlift, the Raider Power bar features a 29mm diameter and double-bronze bushings to provide greater rigidity, smooth spin and reduced whip. It comes with a lifetime guarantee against bending. And as long as you are mentally tough as it is strong, the Raider Power Bar promises you a life of PR’s.


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  • Cadet Bar


    The Valor Junior – For Beginners to Learn Technique

    The 10kg, 25mm Cadet Bar is the perfect choice for beginner’s looking to begin technique training and scaling up to bigger Olympic lifts. Perfect for any age or sex.


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  • 5kg Ridgeway Alum Tech Bar



    The 5kg Alum Tech Bar

    Named after FOB Ridgeway located in Iraq.

    For the young child, junior-level lifter about to begin their fitness journey, the 5kg Ridgeway bar was designed for those first lifts. It will act as the bridge forward from a light bar to a standard-weight bar. It is made for learning and mastering CrossFit, Powerlifting and Olympic techniques.

    The 11lb Ridgeway Bar is commonly referred to as an ‘Alumilite’ bar due to his material construction. It has Olympic Knurl marks and is built with the same distance between collars or standard bars to ensure you practice proper grip position and so you always Train as You Operate.

    The Ridgeway Bar’s proven quality and performance mark is must-have bar for beginners, trainers and any gym. It comes with a 1 year Warranty.

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